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Hamilton County Social Services

Hamilton County Social Services is a support network of different county programs to help  individuals with assistance they may need.  Each program has eligibility requirements an individual or family must meet in order to receive assistance.

General Assistance

General Assistance is a county funded program that can help people with emergency financial needs  Services available include:

  • Emergency food assistance
  • Shelter
  • Utilities
  • Medical Services
  • Burial


Case Management

Targeted Case Management is a voluntary, consumer directed approach which links Medicaid recipients to individual and specific services in the community.  The case management process includes facilitation of service coordination and linking and monitoring individuals diagnosed with mental retardation, developmental disabilities, chronic mental illness, and brain injuries to appropriate and necessary services.

Case management ensures necessary evaluations are completed, individualized service plans are developed, implemented and monitored, and reassessment of the individual's needs and services occurs on an ongoing and regular basis.  The program also advocated for the consumer's rights and desires when the individual is incapable or asks for assistance. 


Friends Forever Social Education Center

Central Iowa Community Services 

 Patti Treibel-Leeds

 Patti Treibel Leeds
 Executive Director
Kenric Weinschenk  
Assistant Director 
 500 Fairmeadow Drive
Webster City, Iowa 50595
 Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.